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My Work Experience

Career History



Nov 2016 -  May 2023

Launched a blended, multi-tiered global onboarding program resulting in decreased global ILT by 50% and a 15% increased participation rate. The project consisted of program management, research, cross-collaboration, virtual training, job aids, learning strategy, design, logistics, communications, learning delivery, stakeholder management, and post-training assessments for continuous improvement.

  • Managed, designed, developed, delivered, and implemented training curriculum and learning strategies for effective learning solutions for Googlers worldwide. Content included ILT, VLT, on-demand, e-Learning, micro-learning, write tutorials, editing lessons, video scripts, and designing learning tools utilizing adult learning principles, scripts, storyboards, staying abreast of emerging trends in instructional design methods, course design, and post-training analysis.

  • Delivered Global Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Program, consisting of project management, training curriculum, and training materials; VILT, ILT, on-demand, and learning assets, focusing on allyship, equity, leadership, and hiring. Program attained equity goals by 20% in first year of implementation.

  • Identified wellness need for employees returning from parental leave who needed support in adjusting back to work life by developing interactive guide and a complimentary Manager Guide; 92% of employees strongly agreed that it was an impactful tool in acclimating them into their role and teams.

  • Developed “Mandiant Mentoring Program” to enable junior level employees’ team up with more seasoned manager level and above leaders to upskill on leadership and technical skills. The program consisted of on-demand, blended, VLT, and 1:1 sessions with mentors and received high survey responses with 85% of respondents strongly agreeing that the program met their needs and helped them progress in their careers and increase personal development.

  • Transformed LinkedIn Learning (LIL) for global employees, curate content for marketing and special groups, cross-collaboration with business leaders and teams to explore learning solutions, increased usage, marketed platform, managed troubleshooting issues, maintained vendor relationships; Increased utilization by 15% each quarter.

  • Steered communications for People Operations by collaborating with other HR teams, content writing, design, layout, and delivery to entire organization.


Parkland Health & Hospital System - TX/OK AIDS Education & Training Center

Nov 2017 - Feb 2018

Executed national LIVE virtual webinar for non-profit organization by delivering six VLT sessions to 500+ clinicians around the U.S to educate medical professionals that serve HIV/AIDS patients. The project consisted of managing a team of 3 individuals, project management, marketing (email, social media), cross-collaboration with national AETC center and continuing education accreditor and presenters, website development, web authoring, managing and developing learning strategy and learner experience (LX), user interface (UI), script writing, designing learning activities and tools by utilizing emerging trends in adult learning concepts and instructional design models. Participants were surveyed and 91% strongly agreed that the learning content was delivered effectively and knowledge increased post-webinar.


Moneygram International

July 2014 - Nov 2016

Led team that delivered and implemented the first virtual global onboarding program for new hires, which decreased the need for classroom training globally by 80%, saving the company money in its training budget. The program consisted of blended learning, VLT, stakeholder management, interactive participant handout, learning delivery, and a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course for ILT in e

  • Managed and maintained learning management system (LMS) for global employee population consisting of LMS migration, LMS taxonomy/cataloging, XML, JavaScript, AICC/SCORM compliance, and delivery of interactive and engaging learning courses/videos. Deployed LMS online processes utilizing tools and features already available in the system, saving 15% in the business unit budget.

  • Collaborated with SMEs to create a diverse combination of rich and engaging media learning materials and curriculum design, including continuous assessment of training programs for effectiveness while utilizing the latest trends in Instructional Design and adult learning concepts via various training modalities for leadership/soft skills and technical skills training topics.

  • Guided team to develop the first "Do It Yourself" toolkit to enable SMEs to discover available training formats and learn how to create themselves to save time and money and circumvent staffing shortages. Delivered, marketed, and facilitated virtual ILTs focused on employees and growing attendance by 60%.


Parkland Health & Hospital System - TX/OK AIDS Education & Training Center

May 2006 - June 2014

​Executed the organization's first web-based distance learning program by utilizing asynchronous learning to target regional healthcare professionals, meeting 20% of the performance goal in the first year of implementation for leadership/soft skills and technical training.

  • Established synchronous distance learning program and curriculum design, becoming nationally recognized for implementing an innovative program among 11 centers nationwide while exceeding goals met by 50%.

  • Coordinated nine large-scale group learning experiences for medical conferences and webinars consisting of blended learning experiences, ILT, VLT, and resource materials. Planning consisted of logistics, cross-collaboration with other teams, program development, content development, marketing, and event management. Post-analysis showed 90% overall effectiveness of training content and delivery.

  • Led team of two direct reports; duties included supervision, guidance, managing requests, performance review, disciplinary actions, coordinating time off, and other managerial responsibilities.

  • Maintained over 80 distance learning training events annually (technical training and leadership), ensuring that technical assistance and customer service initiatives were met while developing evaluation models to measure the effectiveness of learning programs.

  • Spearheaded team that developed the first custom website resulting in increase in participants becoming main source of information for all products and services for the region. Managed web content and website management.

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